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$999 I Gold Membership


Silver Package

This Direct Selling package is designed for members who wishes to increase their earnings with the 50% discount they are enjoying from selling their inventory. All silver packages come with a sales training session on how to be a wellness buddy. Learn the fundamentals of looking after your personal and loved ones’ well being. You will be awarded 1 position in the Fast Circuit Income Stream. Monthly subscription of $75 / 2 Fountain of Youth Collagen 155g pouches.

  • 4 Fountain of Youth Collagen 155g pouches
  • 4 Fountain of Youth Collagen 50g pouches
  • 2 Belly Goodies Multi-Purpose Dry Mix

Silver Package

ACM Gold Package

Gold Package

The Gold membership is the true health & wealth package. This is designed to have the greatest passive income potential. You will be awarded 2 positions in the Fast Circuit Income Stream. This will yield the most in BTC commissions earned automatically. Imagine also earning an additional $4,000 in residual monthly income once your 2 x 10 matrix fills up.

  • 2 Fountain of Youth 155g Pouches
  • 2 Fountain of Youth 50g Pouches
  • 1 Belly Goodies Cookie Mix

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