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ACM believes that Bitcoin is the future of money and that it is the mass adoption of BTC which will significantly contribute to its price increase. This is why banks are so averse to cryptocurrency and why Wall Street pundits are so active in its demolition propaganda of BTC. If the general public are allowed to put in their assets in BTC, without banks closing their accounts, bankers and corrupt hedge fund managers will not be able to manipulate the financial markets to their advantage. The ACM platform is the best channel for BTC to go mainstream.

Ripple (XRP), on the other hand, is another cryptocurrency that is decentralized and which aims to replace the SWIFT system being used by banks, however its supply and market circulation is controlled by the company. If banks adopt it, there is a serious risk of market manipulation making it no different from the way the Federal Reserve and other privately controlled central banks are already operating.

Big pharma typically spends $8 Billion on R&D and more importantly marketing to take 1 drug to market. Through direct selling and network marketing, we significantly reduce the marketing costs of our products and distribute these savings to our members in the form of commissions.

If the market cap of BTC reaches $10 Trillion, the price of BTC would be roughly $500K. In comparison, the market value of Amazon, Apple, Google & Microsoft combined is already $5 Trillion. Industry experts suggest 1 BTC can reach $100K to $1 Million USD within the next 2-3 years. There are already 18 Million Bitcoins currently in circulation and only a total of 21 Million BTC will ever be produced. All Bitcoins will have already been mined by around 2140, meaning it took just 10 years to mine 80% of all BTC and it will take another 120 years to mine the remaining 20%.

Most BTC aficionados would agree that for BTC to reach a value of $500,000 to $1 million much faster, BTC would need adoption by businesses and the general public. ACM has a clever and ingenious solution for BTC to go mainstream, by simply having a built-in channel to make it very easy to acquire and accumulate BTC. As ACM grows, we buy BTC for our members while the price is still low and distribute them through each member’s individual ACM e-wallets. Merging the potent combination of health & wealth, made more powerful by leveraging the future of money – Bitcoin as part of the compensation plan, sets ACM apart from other direct selling companies.

A very bright future indeed lies ahead for all our members, especially the Gold Members who will be earning and accumulating BTC automatically via 2 Fast Circuit entries. We call this the Dual Cyclone, which runs in perpetuity from the constant uptake of new sign-ups through the ever-expanding global membership roster. This is propelled by our social media and digital marketing efforts with the simple message of the amazing effects to your health and well-being by eating and drinking quality functional food products. The earlier you join, the more cycles you complete, the more commissions for you.

A very bright future indeed lies ahead for all our members, especially the Gold Members who will be earning and accumulating BTC automatically via 2 Fast Circuit entries.

By supporting leading edge companies functioning with high integrity and postured to be the alternative to  food industry giants and big pharma, all members will benefit from its growth & success, especially the early supporters. It’s the new frontier of wealth distribution, replacing the usual IPO scheme. Picture Coke in its infancy, they started out small and grew to a global empire.

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