How to get paid

4 ways to get paid

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How to get Paid

1. Remittance

We offer a remittance payout for the following countries Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China and Australia. Just fill-out our remittance form online.

2. Re-loadable Prepaid Card

Get paid through our re-loadable prepaid card. Enjoy either swiping your card in-store, using for online purchases or withdrawing cash from an ATM, (ATM limit is $3,000 in a day, $800 to $1000 per withdrawal). The maximum amount on the card is $7,500 but will auto-load from your card deposits if you have funds sitting in your tru-cash app.

3. Hold your BTC in your ACM wallet.

Store your bitcoin in our secure ACM wallet. It is the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency which will lead the price increase. Our business model is one of the best ways to adopt and use Bitcoin for the general public. Industry experts suggest 1 BTC can reach $100K to $500K USD within the next 2-3 years. There are only 18 Million Bitcoins currently in circulation and only a total of 21 Million Bitcoins will ever be produced. If the market cap if Bitcoin reaches $10 Trillion, the price of Bitcoin would be roughly $500K. In comparison, the market value of Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft combined is already $5 Trillion.

4. Use your earnings to buy ACM products.

You can either use your commissions to buy more BTC or buy Kitchen Alchemist’s functional food products, essentially getting more products for free. You can also transfer funds to other ACM members using our mobile app (coming soon). It’s like having our own Paypal within the ACM community.