7 Ways to Earn

Earn from product discounts, referral fees, direct selling initiatives,
business centers' progressive matrix, Fast Circuit matrix,
Bitcoin accumulation and appreciation.

$999 I Gold Membership

7 Ways to Earn

1. Product discounts up to 50%
2. Referral fees up to 3 levels deep. Gold packages $300 | $150 | $50. Silver packages $125 | $25 | $5. Bronze packages $25
3. Direct selling. Increase your income monthly by selling your discounted inventory.
4. Business Centers. Earn a passive income monthly based on the depth of your matrix. $2 – Gold | $1.50 – Silver | $1 – Bronze.
5. Fast Circuit. Earn commissions every time you automatically complete a cycle. Earn in perpetuity. Gold packages get 2 Fast Circuits.
6. Earn Bitcoins automatically. $150 worth of Bitcoins are earned after each cycle.
7. Hold your Bitcoins and earn from the appreciation in value.

Fast Circuit, Global Uni-line and Bitcoin Commissions

1. All positions will automatically be placed in a 2 x 3 matrix called a Fast Circuit. If you are position #1, once positions, 2-7 are filled, the cycle is complete and you earn bitcoins and a commission and are placed in a new Fast Circuit matrix to cycle once again.

2. Our system’s proprietary AI will also simultaneously be placing place new position in your Business Center Matrix where you earn a residual income monthly. With a Gold package, you will earn passive income ten levels deep.

3. When you enter a new Fast Circuit matrix, you begin on the 3rd line and move up a position every time the row below you is filled. Once you move up to the top, you earn Bitcoin and commission. This is in perpetuity.