10 Reasons to Join

Earn from product discounts, referral fees, direct selling initiatives,
business centers' progressive matrix, Fast Circuit matrix,
Bitcoin accumulation and appreciation.

$999 I Gold Membership

10 Compelling Reasons to Join

  1. This is a true online business opportunity! Imagine the time you spend on social media. Give ACM 10 minutes a day, follow the online marketing strategy ACM has crafted for each member and see how easily it can generate $300 a day or $17,192* monthly
  2. The products offered by ACM are functional food health products that are consumable by everyone on a daily basis. Adults and children need 46g-56g of protein a day. At age 19, the body stops producing collagen proteins. Think about not having enough raw materials to reproduce healthy cells. Your DNA is thus photocopying a bad copy from another bad copy. After a period in time, the original imprints will barely be there. The markers are the usual tell tale signs of aging, such as wrinkles, weak organs and poor memory. You may even need more fish collagen than what is provided by your monthly subscription. No overstocking of unsold inventory unlike other direct sales companies selling household products like shampoos, soaps and vitamin supplements.
  3. Protein is the basis of life. Only protein builds muscles and carries information for cellular regeneration. Our fish collagen protein peptides only have 3 protein amino acid links unlike other proteins like chicken breast or whey which have a chain of about 50 amino acids. These proteins are not easily absorbable and usable. Unused proteins fester in the body producing acid. An acidic body is prone to illnesses like cancer, terrible skin, hair loss and damaged kidneys. Fountain of Youth fish collagen powdered protein drink is geared to address cellular nutrition and regeneration. Think of it as stem cell therapy in a drink.
  4. As an ACM member, you will benefit from special club membership pricing. Our products will not be available anywhere else at a lower price. If you go directly to our Product Partners’ websites, you will see the same products sold for 50%-60% more depending on the country.
  5. ACM’s compensation plan is based on a progressive matrix and not a binary one. Your earnings are not dependent on a balanced matrix, that’s why you will also be making money from the digital marketing efforts of ACM and the sales effort of the other members.
  6. It is a fair and lucrative system because of the top to bottom approach. The company has a digital marketing plan in place and proprietary A.I. that will place new signups in the next available slot below your position on the progressive matrix. The savings from the marketing and operational costs are distributed among members.
  7. Quick and easy payouts. Commissions are paid out via prepaid debit cards or credit to bank accounts via remittance where applicable – Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, China and Hong Kong.
  8. Pharmaceutical companies spend an average of $8 Billion on R&D and marketing to take one drug to market. Through the direct selling and network marketing business model, what our Product Partners will save on marketing costs translates to commissions for our members. That’s money in your pockets.
  9. Bitcoin is the future of money. Technical analysis suggests Bitcoin will at least double in value in 2020 and can reach $100,000 to $500,000 in the next 2-3 years. ACM’s unique compensation plan allows ACM members to earn and accumulate Bitcoin almost automatically.
  10. Our proprietary e-wallet platform allows members to safely and securely buy Bitcoin and convert Bitcoin to dollars on your personal prepaid debit card. We can also send and receive funds within our own community. It’s like having our own PayPal.