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Our Health and Wealth Program rests on the idea that we can all be the captains of our own well-being and financial success. We believe that no amount of wealth or money can bring forth great health and more time with loved ones. Case in point is the story of Steve Jobs. By merely sharing your health “miracle stories” on social media and by being a beacon of well-being, you can be a vibrational match to the abundant life you have always wanted and dreamed of.

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What are the best foods to stock up on amid the coronavirus outbreak?


As we are made in the likeness of God, the human body is perfectly designed. Harness the power and strength of the immune system through cellular nutrition!

Receive a 5 week supply of non-perishable functional foods that you can consume in lieu of fresh produce, especially when the lock-down persists.

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-$999 Health & Wealth
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Earn the most effortlessly with the $999 gold membership Health & Wealth package. One time membership fee. One business center per member.

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Discussions about health, the economy, cryptocurrency and Law of Attraction (LOA)
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Quick and Easy Payouts

All our members will be able to access their personal e-wallets on their dashboard. Choose how you would like to receive your commissions. Cash out through your personal prepaid debit card which can be used in stores or to withdraw cash from ATMs, or choose to have your earnings sent to your bank account as a remittance.



Our quality products include KA Wellness’ Fountain of Youth Collagen, made from 100% wild caught fish. View the testimonials on the dramatic, life changing results such as hair regrowth, organ repair, relief from gout, arthritis. Also see how users are cured of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis,  even diabetes and kidney failure.

Approved Therapeutic Indications

Therapeutic Indications

We have exclusive top quality products such as our Fountain of Youth Collagen functional food product,  which has a Health Canada approved therapeutic claim for increased collagen production and osteo-arthritis. It’s a stemcell therapy in a drink. Promotes cellular nutrition and cellular regeneration. Adults and children need 46g-56g of protein daily.


Why Bitcoin?

Our unique and multi-faceted compensation structure even allows our members to earn and accumulate Bitcoin automatically. Bitcoin is the money of the internet and has outperformed any equity or commodity in the last 5 years and will will continue to grow. This is the perfect vehicle for mass adoption of BTC by the general public.